Smart Homes: What Are They?


We’re in the age where smart phones are so common that even most of the residents of the third world country have them. But ever heard the name Smart Home and wondered what that is? We will tell you all about it in the next few lines.

The name:

The name itself states that it is like a phone. Controlled by either Wi-Fi or some sort of remote. And that doesn’t mean the house can be moved around in a colony, but most of its features can be controlled such as electricity, buttons, electronic devices in the house, lights, fans. And it can be done via your smart phone too.

Main Features:

- The unsurpassed thing about this is it provides the best security nothing else can.

- It has made convenient to use certain tasks differently. 

- And one of the most impressive features is the usage of things, to keep track of certain things as well as energy; where and how much is being used around the house.

How it’s done:

So basically, it can detect you when you come near the house, the Smart Home may open the garage door for you automatically through a finger-print touch or upon your face-recognition. When you enter the house, if it’s night time, it’ll turn the lights on or during the day it’ll make the curtains slide away for proper sunlight to pass through.

The security is updated very often to help protect your home. In short, this new technology is the future of houses. The convenience, comfort and the ambiance it creates at home has no limit. 

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