What Will the 2032 Olympics Mean for Brisbane?


Australians across the country started celebrating as soon as the authorities announced Brisbane as the confirmed host city for the Olympic Games in 2032. The event will definitely change things around, but what can we expect in the 11 years leading up to the event for the real estate market?

How Will the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane Influence the Real Estate Market?

The most significant positive impact on the housing market is likely to be seen in the years preceding the summer Olympics 2032 rather than during the four weeks of the games themselves.

1) Infrastructure Projects

Large infrastructure projects tend to positively impact housing prices, as the additional labor requirements create other demands for housing through the construction process. Large projects are also likely to leave a legacy of permanent housing demand uplift.

2) More Efficient Transportation

The demand can be through further employment or other benefits such as updated transportation options and travel efficiencies associated with transportation infrastructure projects and additional amenities introduced to the area such as social and retail outlets. For now, Woolloongabba and the neighboring suburbs are the obvious candidates for an increase in demand.

3) New Rentals

The suggested billion-dollar renovation of the Gabba stadium will be the epicenter of the summer Olympics 2032 activity. As a result, this precinct, along with the Cross River Rail terminal and plaza, is likely to gain popularity.

The figures show that the area around Woolloongabba overflows with investors, with people already renting approximately two-thirds of the housing stock in and around the area. In addition, the vicinity of the Princess Alexandra Hospital and Mater Hospital ensures a steady level of localized housing demand and easy access to the Brisbane CBD, Southbank precincts, and local universities.

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